KOR hydration vessels are perfect for using as a sports water bottle you can take to the gym…they are leak proof and stylish. Check out our KOR Sports bottle with it’s perfectly formed mouthpiece – clever hydration at it’s best. We even have a selection of our BPA free KOR hydration vessels just for kids. Your kids will love using the same brand of water bottle as David Beckham. It will be the best kids water bottle in school and help your children perform better by promoting proper hydration! Please browse our range of water bottles and read the detailed specifications to learn more about our hydration vessels. Lastly be sure to catch up with us on the blog to learn all the great reasons to hydrate with KOR water bottles.



About Us


The Hydration Centre is quite simply about making more out of readily available drinking water in the UK. Our range of fun and sophisticated reusable water bottles make re-hydration just that little bit more enjoyable.

You can find many different topics in our blog that explain in more details the effects of dehydration and how you can influence your performance by increasing your hydration levels. 

Let us inspire you to enjoy the many benefits that constant hydration brings to your health and well-being with our super-cool water bottles and help reduce the environmental impact of disposable plastic water bottles on Mother Earth. 




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