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Disposable Water Bottle?

Purple green and blue KOR One

What your disposable water bottle says about you

So you’ve spent some time today to look presentable. You’ve chosen your clothes to suit your day and mood, done something with your hair and checked yourself a few times in the mirror. You’re happy with your look and you set off to do your thing. Keys, last look in the mirror…and then you grab that horribly cheap looking, disposable water bottle!

KOR One looks nothing like a disposable water bottle
KOR One Rose from Hydr8More is anything but cheap looking.

Now, if hydration with water is part of your lifestyle, why not compliment yourself with something a little bit more special than a common disposable water bottle?

Considering that clean drinking water is in abundance in the UK for free there really can’t be a reasonable argument for choosing to pay for a one-way, cheap disposable bottle of water which pollute our planet – can there?

Especially not when you consider that you can find a fine collection of eye-catching reusable water bottles like our KOR range for less than 20 quid. But the range is not just absolutely stunning it is also really cleverly made. KOR is made to last and some thought has gone into engineering a perfectly formed drinking spout that makes Drinking Water a delight – and the easy access to refill makes “tapping” into this free resource in the UK easy, wherever you are.

KOR Reusable Water Bottles

Our KOR range of reusable water bottles are anything but cheap looking. There is simply no disposable water bottle that we know of that can compare itself in terms of style and clever functionality.


The perfectly formed mouthpiece makes drinking from KOR a real pleasure. And the head unit features an easy access and one push opening button.

With a holding capacity of 750ml of water and made to last – our KOR One range makes Drinking Water truly appealing

KOR Nava Filter

Clearly there are a few areas in the UK that do have hard water and for some the taste is slightly off-putting and, as such, turn to expensively bottled water – but we can help there too.

KOR One Nava filter from Hydr8More #HappyHydrating
Our KOR Nava filter filters water through an all-natural filter make out of ground coconut shells and makes water taste silky soft.

Our KOR Nava stores 650ml of instantly filtered tap water the most beautiful way. It’s a robust little feller but revolutionary in its sleek and trendy design. There is no compromise to quality; From the 100% natural filter made out of ground coconut shells, to the clever mouthpiece – some real thought has gone into making drinking water attractive and appealing.

This water bottle is certainly designed to hydrate in any given setting and beats bottled water every time. Best is, you can refill anywhere drinking water is available ­ as the filter exceed the NSF 42 standards for chlorine taste and odor removal, which means you’ll always have the freshest tasting drinking water possible.

The clever cap is extremely sturdy and makes carrying over half a litre of water easy work and the One­Push­Button technology gives immediate and fuss­ free access to your filtered drinking water anywhere. The straw is designed so you can easily sip your water without tilting your head back, making hydration on the go discreet, easy and fun.

The filters last for approx. 3 months and we offer a 12 month buy one, get one free subscription service.

In a (coco)nut shell…this water bottle let’s you be the talk of the office, saves you the need to buy bottled water, reduces your plastic waste footprint and gives you constant access to fresh, clean drinking water – everywhere….and anywhere, available from our shop in the UK and we’ve got our autumn sale on now!

David Beckham and Hyr8more's KOR One Ocean Spray
Well, someone certainly knows how to carry their water in style.


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Eat Water in Ramadan

Why eat water when fasting?

Ramadan foods for hydration
Eating Water is the best way to stay hydrated for longer

The spiritual benefits of Ramadan can cause the physical being problems. A body can survive some time without food and the period from closing the fast to sunset can be quite easy to navigate without food for most. Hydration however, can be a little bit trickier to manage – especially when temperatures soar.

The very best way to navigate dehydration in Ramadan is to eat as much water as you can before closing the fast. This way of injecting water into your body will, undoubtedly, give you the best possible means to manipulate the way your body absorbs water by time delaying the fluid intake.

KOR One Chrome – Just add Water! Check it out here

…and the best way to hydrate is in the form of water rich fruits and those of us who celebrate Ramadan should ensure that breakfast consists of mostly fruit.

Only a small amount of water is actually absorbed into the body if you fill yourself up with water before closing the fast, with most being lost naturally within an hour or two. The effects of this throughout the day will be fatigue, stress and….a reduction of mental output.

Mental ability is reduced by up to 10% when dehydrated so that means that, every year, you are decreasing your brain power and simply not performing to your optimum in this period. That can have an impact on the overall performance in the workplace. For this reason it is quite important to gorge on water based fruits and vegetables before closing the fast and when you know you have a tough day at work, have a really big meeting or you just need to be as good as you can be in one particular day.

It’s all well and good feeling closer to God by practicing Ramadan but you should do what you can to make sure that you influence your performance to the best of your ability in preparation of the working day. How many Muslims are in a close race for a promotion, or at the verge of closing a big deal exactly in Ramadan? How many lose that promotion or that big deal because their mental input was reduced and the difference to winning and losing, was that 10%?

And here our top list of hydrating foods to eat in Ramadan with a water to weight ratio of least 90%

  • Cucumber 

    Water content: 96.7%
    Cucumber has the highest water content of any solid food. Chuck some in a blender with some non-fat yogurt, mint and ice cubes for a refreshing cucumber soup, which boosts it’s hydrating properties even more.

  • Iceberg lettuce

    Water content: 95.6%
    Iceberg lettuce has the highest of any lettuce, followed by butter-head, green leaf, and romaine varieties

  • Watermelon

    Water content: 91.5% water
    It’s fairly obvious that watermelon is full of, well, water, but this juicy melon is also among the richest sources oflycopene, a cancer-fighting antioxidant found in red fruits and vegetables

  • Spinach

    Water content: 91.4% water
    Iceberg lettuce may have a higher water content, but spinach is usually a better bet overall. Piling raw spinach leaves on your salad provides nearly as much built-in hydration, with an added nutritional punch.

  • Star fruit

    Water content: 91.4% water
    This tropical fruit, also known as carambola, comes in sweet and tart varieties and has a juicy texture similar to pineapple.

  • Strawberries

    Water content: 91.0%
    All berries are good foods for hydration, but juicy red strawberries are easily the best of the bunch. Raspberries and blueberries both hover around 85% water, while blackberries are only slightly better at 88.2%.

  • Grapefruit

    Water content: 90.5%

    Stylish Hydration in-between fasting in Ramadan with KOR Delta
    Pocket Hydration – Hydrate in Style from Sunset til Closing the Fast with the KOR Delta 500. Buy it Here
  • Baby carrots

    Water content: 90.4%
    A carrot’s a carrot, right? Not when it comes to water content. As it turns out, the baby-sized carrots that have become a staple in supermarkets and lunchboxes contain more water than full-size carrots (which are merely 88.3% water).

  • Cantaloupe

    Water content: 90.2%
    This succulent melon provides a big nutritional payoff for very few calories. Around one quarter of  a cantaloupe contains just 50 calories but delivers a full 100% of your recommended daily intake of vitamins A and C.

    KOR Delta Pink from the hydration centre
    KOR Delta 500 Pocket Hydration Series – Stylish Hydration in-between Fasting. Visit the Range here






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Fun Water Facts

 Fun Water Facts by the Hydration Centre

Fun water facts by the hydration centre



Water is vital to survival and without it there would be no life on earth, however this life-giving liquid is incredibly under-appreciated. Very few of us are aware of how important this finite resource is and this is reflected in the way in which it is generally used. The amount of water it takes to support life will surprise almost anyone, but not as much as these fun water facts will surprise you.


  1. 99% of water on the planet cannot be drunk – it is either saltwater or frozen in the icecaps. Life survives on only 1% of the world’s water.

    Fun water facts - KOR One Chrome is gorgeous
    KOR One Chrome – Available from our Shop here!


  1. If the entire UK population turned off the water when brushing their teeth, it would save 180 million litres of water.


  1. A single pint of beer takes 170 litres of water to produce.


  1. The earth is a closed system that means it rarely loses or gains water and the volume has remained constant for millennia.


  1. Water molecules in your tap may have been consumed by dinosaurs millions of years ago.


  1. Each Briton uses around 150 litres of tap water a day but if you count water in products this jumps to 3400 litres per day.


  1. Water is the only mineral that is naturally found in the three different forms, liquid, gas and solid.


  1. Over half of daily water consumption comes from bathroom usage.


  1. Both a jellyfish and a cucumber are 95% water.


  1. 40 billion hours are spent collecting water in Africa alone.


  1. Agriculture accounts for over 70% of the global freshwater supply.


  1. Salt causes the freezing point of water to reduce which means seawater begins to freeze at -2°C.


  1. 780 million people lack access to a clean water supply.


  1. 85% of the world’s population lives in the driest part of the planet.


  1. There have been 265 recorded conflicts over water since 3000BC.


  1. Water is the second most common molecule in the entire universe – that’s one of our top fun water facts.


  1. Ice has 16 different phases all of these phases have a different structure.


  1. To produce 1Kg of beef it takes around 15,000 litres of water.


  1. This is one of our fun water facts that astonishes:  Scientists discovered a cloud of water vapour which contains more water than on earth near a black hole 12 billion lightyears away.


  1. More than 3 billion litres of water are lost through leaking pipes daily in the UK.

Did you know all of these facts? Have you got another fun water fact? Share it with us on our social media pages.


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Water or Food?

What Is More Vital to Human Survival: Water or Food? 

 Water or Food?


Hydration Centre water or food?
KOR Nava Filter – True Mobile Hydration! Get yours here!

Water or food? In order to survive and thrive, humans have some very basic needs including food, water, warmth and oxygen but the relative importance of each need is often questioned. Humans can survive longer without some of these things than others, but does this make them more or less important to human survival? There are several reasons why out of the basic needs every human has, water is more important than food.


Lack of Water Kills Quicker

As any survival expert will attest to – a lack of water will kill you much quicker than a lack of food. The rule of 3’s demonstrates the speed at which a lack of vital resources will kill. It states, 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. This shows that in terms of survival having a fresh supply of water is more important than food. Water or food has a huge impact on survival.


Food or water? Water of course
KOR One Rose – Read more here!


Water has a larger role in building up all human tissue. It makes up around 70% of the total body but different organs are made up of varying amounts of water. Water forms 90% of the lungs and around 80% of the brain but only constitutes about 30% of bone tissue. Every system in the body uses water in some way and failure to intake enough water will harm bodily functions. In comparison the nutrients from food whilst still very important for sustaining life only make up a relatively small part of the body. Therefore, for developing and maintaining body tissue water is far more important.


Physical Capacity

A human may have a perfect nutrient balance and get plenty of the essential vitamins but if more than 4% of body weight in water is lost it will reduce physical capacity by around 30%. There are several ways that bodily performance is affected. Proper hydration allows the body to cool down through sweat. Water is needed for the lungs and blood to properly intake and transport oxygen. It is also a shock absorber for vital organs and aids lubrication of the joints. Maintain hydration ensures physical ability in a way that food simply cannot.

KOR One from hydration centre
KOR One – Buy it Here!



The entire digestive process relies heavily on water, without it there would be no way for the human body to digest food.  It is responsible for producing saliva in the mouth, hydrochloric acid in the stomach and assists the transportation of vital nutrients. If food cannot be digested properly than it is completely useless and water is required to ensure proper digestions. This makes it arguably more important in the digestive process than food is.

What do you think is water more important than food? Share your thoughts with us on our social media pages.



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Hydration Differences between Men and Women

The Hydration Differences Between Men and Women

Hydration Differences
KOR One – Buy Yours Here!

No matter your age, sex or any other distinguishing feature, hydration is important to everyone. We all need water to maintain bodily functions and replace water lost (After all, around 60% of our body is made up of water) Despite this, the hydration differences between men and women are significant.

Because of the different make up of their bodies, the basic amount of water needed daily to keep men and women hydrated is also different. Men tend to have higher levels of fat and need more water because of this. The European Food Safety Authority recommends 2.5 litres per day for men whereas women only need 2litres. This one factor demonstrates that one size does not fit all when it comes to hydration. Below are some further factors that affect the way in which men and women need to hydrate.


Hormones guilty of Hydration Differences between Men and Women

The hormonal influences of the menstrual cycle can affect fluid dynamics and the way that liquids are absorbed in women. The hormone ‘progesterone’ increases in production during the latter stages of the menstrual cycle. Higher levels of this hormone means that more sodium is lost from the body. Sodium plays a vital part in absorbing water into the bloodstream. Therefore without it, women are more likely to become dehydrated because they are unable to absorb enough water effectively.

To solve this issue, it is recommended that women mix a small amount of salt into their drinks to assist in the absorption of water into the blood. This will help replace the lost sodium and make sure that more water is thoroughly absorbed, preventing dehydration.

This hormonal imbalance can cause other problems for women. The signal for thirst can be dampened during this time because of the changes in sodium levels which affect the sense of thirst. Women should drink more water than they think they should at this time in order to ensure they maintain healthy levels of hydration. And remember: If you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated.

What to do!

Hydration Differences Between Men and Women
Our KOR One Rose – Buy Yours Here!What To Do



Having a good water bottle that is fun and easy to use can make hydrating more inspiring. Our range of KOR water bottles help to keep optimum hydration whilst on the go and can be refilled easily. Taking advantage of the abundance of clean drinking water available for free in the UK is much easier achieved with a good reusable water bottle.

Hydration Centre hydration differences
Our KOR Delta Pocket Hydration Bottles are available here!

Both men and women need to be aware of the amount of water they drink. Having the right hydration plan and eating smart are both easy ways to stay properly hydrated. Considering that there are hydration differences is vital. Bear in mind that “eating water” is probably the best way to keep the body hydrated.

Remember that the amount of water you should consume also depends on your body weight. More fat deposits mean that you need to consume more water – this applies to both men and women.

Has this blog helped you understand the different approach to hydration for women? Will you be trying these tips? Let us know on our social media pages.

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Encouraging your Child to Drink Water

Encouraging Your Child to Drink Water is not easy!

encouraging your child to drink water

Having a happy and healthy child is every parent’s priority. Encouraging your child to drink water and thus keeping your child hydrated is an important step in ensuring that this happens. Water can help stop your child getting headaches and is vital to many different bodily functions. Failing to have enough each day can lead to serious health risks. Children can be notoriously picky though and many aren’t interested in drinking the amount of water needed each day to keep them happy and healthy. There are several things you can do as a parent or grandparent to encourage them to drink more.


Create a challenge that your kids will relish. Bottles such as the KOR Kids bottle have a large clear section where you can see the water level. Using stickers to mark different levels on the bottle can challenge them to drink to these lines. Offering rewards for completing their challenges or special treats for beating the targets you set makes this even more fun!


Squash is full of sugar and isn’t much better than fizzy drinks however this doesn’t mean you can’t flavour your child’s water. Using fresh fruit like strawberries, limes or apple is a great way to add flavour without sugar. All you need to do is chop your fruit up, place in a glass or bottle and just add water. The flavour will help them overcome the lack of taste in plain water and make them more likely to drink their recommended amount each day.

encouraging your child to drink water
KOR Kids Lava – Buy it Here!

Encourage your child to drink water with a cool Water Bottle


If drinking water is fun, a child is likely to consume more. There are several ways you can do this. Ice is a great starting point as you can create fun shapes with a variety of ice trays, whilst adding extra water to their drinks once it melts. Children will want every drink to be filled with their favourite ice cube shapes! Crazy straws are another way that you can make a glass of water fun.

Lead By Example

Children learn most of their behaviour from their parents. You are their biggest role model (even if they wouldn’t admit it!) If they see you drinking water regularly they will naturally copy that behaviour. You can also talk about how delicious water is and explain that you love it. This will again show them a behaviour that they will try and emulate.

If you want to see how the KOR Kids water bottle from Hydration Centre can help hydrate your children, visit the website to view the full range:


Has this post helped you encourage your child to drink water? Are there any other tips you can share with us? Let us know on our social media pages.

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Can our children’s water bottle pass the Ruby style test?

Children’ water bottles are very much like adult bottles – they generally don’t give much in terms of style. We’re used to seeing cheap reusable sports bottles that have been chewed beyond recognition and there doesn’t seem to be many alternatives.

Our new children’s water bottle – KOR Kids

That’s one of the reasons we are so excited about our new KOR Kids range. It’s been rigorously tested for durability from our 7 year old whirlwind tester Joe (read the results here) but now we need to see how it fares against the needs  of our 9 year old tester Ruby.

KOR Kids Lava mainNow it is true that our KOR range looks pretty sophisticated and the design of the KOR range is a proper compliment to the sturdy design and anyone using a KOR bottle is used to people commenting on it. The funky design is a part of the magic that increases the users hydration – but how do kids view it?

Hi I’m Ruby and this is my water bottle

Kids like stuff they know and are intrigued by new stuff – so the initial reaction to the KOR Kids Lava that Ruby is testing was expected to be positive. But what about a week, two weeks, four months later? If only one school friend happens to utter a “you and your water bottle are stupid anyway”…then that would be it. Testing over.
If another kid on the playground is overheard asking their parent:” What’s that funny bottle that girls got”? Then you might as well retire it straight to the bin because Ruby would not be seen with it again.

Can a children’s water bottle be trendy?

Ruby dancing
Just the right size to carry
Wait whilst I hydrate!

So, the 4 month durability test of Joe with his KOR Kids Mint went hand in hand with Ruby’s four month practicality and style test. This is the bottle she uses on a daily basis. She uses it at school, on the playground in the car – it goes everywhere with her. And 4 months on we are happy to say that she loves it as much as on the first day.

As parents we have certainly seen an improvement in the amount of fluids she consumes daily and how this little bottle is influencing the way Ruby thinks about hydration. And we can safely say that after four months this is not just a fad but is helping shape Ruby’s future health and well-being. She’s proud of her bottle and enjoys using it.

Ruby checking her hydration in the KOR Kids Lava
Have I got enough water?

An earlier blog of ours explains how you can increase the brains performance by up to 10% when properly hydrated so helping Ruby to adopt a healthy approach to water is certainly not doing her any harm and it is really good to see that she has access to water at school and that refilling her water bottle with her KOR Kids is easy.

KOR Kids Head Unit
KOR Kids Head Unit (not actual colour)

Head Unit

The lid has a lock on it to prevent spillage and is easily opened. The drinking spout is perfectly designed for little mouths and the bottle can either be refilled directly through the spout – or by twisting the whole top part of the bottle to fit in small children-sized sinks and make refilling literally child’s play.


The Verdict: 4 Months of Ruby Testing

So…we’re pleased to say that the KOR Kids range has passed our four month test with flying colours. We’ve had two of the toughest testers take it though it’s paces and the overall view is that it helps to promote healthy hydration practices for kids. The tough but beautiful plastic made by Eastman Tritan™ (BPA free of course) keeps the bottles looking pristine and it is easily cleaned. Best is you visit this  link which gives you the science to the plastic: Eastman Tritan

KOR KIds Specifications
Here the KOR Kids Specs

Refilling is easy and drinking from it is a pleasure as it is made to suit little hands and mouths perfectly. Get yours from our shop and help your child towards a lifetime of proper hydration.

Ruby and Joe with the KOR Kids range
KOR Kids Lava and Mint – hydration for Children!





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Hydration Centre KOR Kids – Our Perfect Water Bottle for Children

There is only one way to really test a product for kids – have a kid test it!

Hydration Centre KOR Kids Mint
Hey there…I’m Joe and I don’t stop.

And that is exactly what we did. Meet 7 year old Joe – our youngest team member who is the most ruthless tester. You see…Joe is the most high-octane guy around. Full on, all the time – that’s pretty much the motto he goes by. His daily energy output is absolutely massive – from the second his eyes open until he falls asleep!


“Take care of your Water Bottle” goes in one ear and straight out of the other. He just wants to kick a football, climb a tree, bounce his scooter around the skate park, run until he can’t run no more and try a couple of somersaults in-between. As said…full on guy – he just does not stop!

And boy does he need hydration. This  makes him the perfect tester for our KOR Kids range. If this bottle can fit into Joe’s routine without being a bother, if it can stand being just dropped “Because I forgot I was holding it”, can take being thrown like a missile – and still look good, then we might be onto something.

KOR Kids Mint main
Buy yours here


OK…so we need a bottle that can take the mega rough and tumble of a seven year old – but it needs to be easy to use. Drinking from it should feel natural and it needs to be really easy to refill from a water source, like a tap or water fountain. We need a bottle that is non-drip and non slip. It needs to be leak-proof and easy to carry.

Street Cred is, believe it or not, also a major factor. There is absolutely no way Joe is going to be seen using a stupid bottle to drink from.

So…this bottle also needs to be neutral enough so it isn’t targeted in jest from other kids. It might be different – but it can’t stand out. Not in kids world.

A grubby-looking bottle is no good!

Now the very beauty of our KOR range is that the water it stores just looks so damn good and tasty. The water in it looks clear, refreshing and even has a gentle hue. Getting banged around by a kid will surely scuff the plastic, scratch it and attract dirt and muck. You can soak it ’till doomsday and it will still look grubby – as all sports bottles do.

Challenge accepted!

Step up to the plate Eastman Tritan™ plastic and introduce yourself

This is some tough plastic. BPA free, of course, but rugged and made to last. This is nothing like the cheap sports bottles you’re used to. This is some serious material. It keeps the bottle looking pristine – even in the hands of Joe! Best is you visit this  link which gives you the science to the plastic: Eastman Tritan

KOR KIds Specifications
Here the KOR Kids Specs

Verdict: Joe, Mum and Dad

Joe has used this bottle for the past 4 months on a daily basis. It is the bottle he uses in school – so he refills it himself, he takes it with him to football – and to the skate park, in the car, on walks etc., etc., etc., and here the feedback from…IMAG2324


All my friends want one. I like the easy way you open it. I like drinking from it. Can we go play football now?

KOR Kids Head Unit
Easy one-touch opening of the non drip lid exposes the perfectly formed drinking spout

Mum’s verdict on KOR Kids

There is really nothing other than cheap sports water bottles available for children.
This bottle is sturdy and I really like the drinking spout. Joe would have easily chewed his way through three cheap supermarket water bottles in the same amount of time. Was he swallowing the chewed off plastic from these bottles I wonder? Surely that isn’t good. The spout is the stand out feature. It can’t be chewed and looks the same as it did on day one. It’s absolutely perfect for little mouths.

I also like the button to release the cap. It is sturdy and the quality is fantastic. It works every time and there are no leaks. The water stays where it should – in the bottle.

It’s just a lovely product that is easy to use, does it’s job and cleans up well and easy.

It’s the best bottle we’ve ever used.


What does Dad think?

What can I say…I’m biased. Being the author of this blog – and Joe’s Dad – I’m going to struggle to keep my enthusiasm for our new KOR Kids range in check and my verdict might be tainted.

But I would like to say that hydration is obviously a very important factor in our lives and we have been searching high and low for a really good water bottle for children- nothing we’ve looked at comes close to the KOR Kids range.

For us, it is important that we can make proper hydration an integral part of our children’s lives. It is our responsibility to install good hydration practice so they can benefit from being properly hydrated for the rest of their lives. We’re making hydration a big thing and they will be better, healthier and happier because of it.

All I can say is…buy it here!

KOR One with Joe
Hydration Centre KOR Kids – Just add Water!
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The Hydration Centre targets Students through Uni-Grub

The Hydration Centre Partners with Uni-Grub to Get Students Hydrated


Students are known for guzzling beer and eating beans on toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Well…quite a few of you anyway. These aren’t exactly the oracles of good eating and healthy living, although that is what would be best of course. Which is a shame, because staying healthy and eating well on a budget is totally do-able.

This is something we want to raise awareness of, particularly because staying hydrated and healthy as a student is so important in order to keep your mind focused and your hangovers as minor as possible.

So, we’ve teaming up with Uni-Grub to bring students to the benefits of staying hydrated and how they can do it on a budget. Our aim is to reach as many students as possible and to explain how proper hydration influences the way we feel and, ultimately, perform. 

It’s really easy. Just not many people know it’s an option to boost energy levels, feel on top of things and even boost brain power by up to a whopping 10% – more on that here!

Uni-Grub agree. As a brand who promote the idea of healthy living on a budget, they’re dedicated to helpingUG students stay on track without having to rinse their bank accounts. It’s a fantastic site with some really easy and low-cost recipes. 

The best part? Uni-Grub is run by students, so it doesn’t feel like your mum is nagging you to eat right. In fact, it’s more like a good friend showing you how you can make the most of your money by making good, healthy meals (not running to the local takeaway at every given opportunity).

We’re so on board with this and are really proud to partner with Uni-Grub and to have been chosen to act as their official hydration specialists and to pass our knowledge on the effects of good hydration on via their site. 

We know that staying hydrated is a huge part of staying healthy!

It’s often overlooked in favour of fad diets, but drinking enough water throughout the day can really do your body wonders. Especially if you’re a beer guzzling student on a budget.

At The Hydration Centre, we’re on a mission to show the world that drinking water is easy and one of the best ways to keep your health in check. And we’re taking our mission to all you students out there.

One Rose in action
Refilling our KOR One Rose from most taps or water fountains is easy

 Our blog is crammed full of articles revolving around hydration – or the effects of dehydration. You can find out there why headaches are one of the first signs of dehydration and that hunger is also a tell-tale sign of dehydration, which a glass of water solves more often than not.

Stress, fatigue and heartburn can also be attributed to dehydration.

Pretty much everything about us is influenced by our hydration levels.

Discounts on Our Super Cool Water Bottles

Our partnership with Uni-Grub doesn’t just show you the benefits of staying hydrated as a student, but it also has some awesome discounts on our unique range of water bottles.

With their fun colours and cool features, our water bottles are perfect for students to take to lectures, study groups, and to sip on whilst they’re working away.

They’re even great for taking on a night out, too, to make sure you drink enough water on the go.

And best is…they are so easy to refill from most places you can find clean drinking water.

Our Range let’s you tap into the abundance of clean drinking water we enjoy in the UK for free and will transform your approach to hydration.

Pretty cool for the environment too – there are far too many plastic disposable water bottles around.

Your Uni-Grub Discount is 20% 



…get your voucher code here!


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Black Friday is all about Customer Retention

The simple reason why we love Black Friday so much is because we have the unrivaled opportunity to focus on winning new customers, which is normally not our top priority. You see, new customers are not easy – or cheap – to find and most online shops will arguably spend much of their efforts and budget on maintaining customer relationships by creating good newsletters, interesting articles, Facebook posts and other customer experience programs. It is, quite simply, much easier to work with existing customers who enjoy buying from our site.

#BFDeal2015 – Visit our Shop to get your KOR One 50% discounted

Black Friday gives us a focus on New Customers acquisition

Black Friday, and in our case the following week, let’s us drop our prices to a level that is normally absolutely unsustainable so we can replenish our customer base with a flood of new buyers. It is a time when we can have a look at our customer retention and see what we can learn from our last year and take on the challenge of proving ourselves to these new customers. It keeps us fresh and our customer retention high.

Who needs a Water Bottle at this time of the year?

KOR One Black
Our KOR One Black and 750ml of water just blend in

That is certainly a challenge for us. We are all about reusable water bottles and although proper hydration is really important in Winter our peak season is, of course, summertime. But Black Friday let’s us offer our beautiful KOR One with a hefty 50% discount for one week. We can attract new customers in a time of the year when hydration is not really a hot topic – but it should be.

We do spend quite a bit of time in heated rooms in the winter. Heating on full blast in the car, warm clothes and staying indoors is what wintertime in the UK is all about.

Effects of Dehydration in Winter

Our blog describes different effects of dehydration, what it means to health, performance, mood and general well-being and if Black Friday can give us the opportunity to pass on our knowledge to our new customers at this time of the year then we are more than happy to forget about the business side of things and concentrate on offering all we can to help visitors to our site understand the importance of proper hydration.

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